Medical massage or professional massage

Your Fysio Massage stands for top quality therapeutic massage treatment. We only work with therapists who are registrated according to the Dutch standards for Therapists. Meaning every therapist is certified and legally permitted to perform massage treatments.
Before every massage there will be a 5 till maximum 10 minute body intake. With the body intake you get the attention and treatment you need. All massages include the best equipment, pure argan oil or fractionated coconut oil and aromatherapy essential oils including the best massage techniques like deep tissue, myofascial triggerpoint release techniques.
We use 1 or 2 essential oils, which we recommend and one basic carrying oil.

Basic oils are:

Fractionated coconut oil
Pure argan oil

Essential oils are:
Palo Santo

We are offering the following massages packages:

Pro-calming therapeutic massage

Pro- vitalize therapeutic massage

Pro- healing therapeutic massage

Pro-needling therapeutic massage

Goodbye cellulite massage

Pro Calming therapeutic Massage:
During this massage you will experience the best soothing and calming massage techniques, which is design for overactive muscles and tension in the body. Arm, legs and neck and back area are included. For a more relaxing experience we included the following organic essential oils: lavendel ,bergamot and the basic carrying oil fractionated coconut oil or pure argan oil.

30min 39 euro 60min 69 euro 90 min 99 euro

Pro- vitalize therapeutic Massage:
This is an refreshing and energizing massage. We will use classical swedish massage techniques. Whave chosen for the following essential oils: Eucalyptus and Cypres oil. The basic carrying oils are fractionated coconut oil and argan oil.

30min 39 euro 60min 69euro 90 min 99 euro

Pro- healing therapeutic massage:
The power of healing like reiki, aryuvedic massage techniques and chakra balancing techniques are being combined during this massage treatment. For a more healing experience we are using the following essential oils: Palo Santo, rosemary and fractionated coconut oil. Palo Santo is known for its healing properties and reduces stress, headache, anxiety symptomes and much more. Rosemary has been known for uplifting the senses with a rejuvenating scent.

30min 39 euro 60min 69 euro 90 min 99 euro

Pro-needling therapeutic massage:
During this massage we will begin with massage techniques and will only use the fractioned coconut oil. This coconut oil is colourless, odourless and will leave no stain. U can choose to add the following essential oils: Euculyptus oil or Palo Santo oil. Needling are only placed after consulting with the certified therapist.

30min 39 euro 60min 69 euro 90 min 99 euro

Goodbye Cellulite Massage:
This massage will focus more on the legs and hips. Classical swedish massages techniques are included and we will use firm massage techniques! This type of massage is also good for sportpeople who like to run or bike a lot. The following essential oils are being used: grapefruit oil and bergamot oil. We recommend to use the fractionated coconut oil.

30min 39 euro 60min 69 euro 90 min 99 euro

10 procent of the profit will go to the Stichting Hopen op Lopen.
Soon more information.

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